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[Q.] What are the guards in the Tower of London generally called?
  1. Castle Guards
  2. Beefeaters
  3. Tower Guards
  4. Security Guards
[Q.] When do the Irish celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
  1. 1st April
  2. 17 March
  3. 28 February
  4. 22 March
[Q.] Who built the Tower of London?
  1. William the Conqueror
  2. Maria Stuart
  3. Henry VIII
  4. Oliver Cromwell
[Q.] What is the flag of the UK called?
  1. Maple Leaf
  2. Tricolour
  3. Stars and Stripes
  4. Union Jack
[Q.] What is the most common street name in Great Britain?
[Q.] Which famous jazz club has the address 47 Frith Street, London?
[Q.] What is the capital city of Scotland?
[Q.] What was 32 inches in 1512, 35 inches by the 1520s, and then 54 inches in 1545?
[Q.] What is the highest mountain in Great Britain?
[Q.] In which county would you find the White Cliffs of Dover?
[Q.] Which 13th-century Scottish warrior did Mel Gibson play in the 1995 film Braveheart?
[Q.] 8 Ball, Easy Peeler and Clockwork Tangerine are all types of British what?
[Q.] Alnwick Castle was used as the exterior shots in which film series?
[Q.] What is the national flower of Wales?
[Q.] Which mountain range is often described as the ‘backbone of England’?