Who invented the light bulb?

According to popular culture : Thomas Edison The correct answer is : it's unclear who invented the first light bulb. Thomas Edison or Benjamin Franklin were...

Who created the first Lego?

Godtfred Kirk Christiansen in 1955 (registered trademark).

Who invented Electric motor?

William Sturgeon, Emily Davenport, Thomas Davenport, Michael Faraday.

Who is the inventor of Penicillin?

Alexander Fleming in 1928.

When was the Battery (dry cell) invented?

in 1866 (patent) by Georges Leclenche.

The Telegraph is invented by –

W. F. Cooke & Charles Wheatstone {1837 (patent)1838 (public demonstration)}

When was Pacemaker (artificial, implantable) invented?

in 1960 (first implant) by Wilson Greatbatch.

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