Human Body : Questions, Quizzes, Facts and more for you

[Q.] Which part of human brain is concerned with the regulation of body temperature and urge for eating are contained in ?
  1. cerebellum
  2. cerebrum
  3. medulla oblongata
  4. hypothalamus
[Q.] In which muscle we can find ‘intercalated disc’?
[Q.] What is the function of hemoglobin?
[Q.] At which speed the Andromeda Galaxy is approaching the Milky Way?
[Q.] Which nerves transmit impulses towards central nervous system?
  1. auditory nerves
  2. abducens nerves
  3. ventral root of spinal nerves
  4. Oculomotor nerves
[Q.] Which nerve is responsible for olfaction?
[Q.] What is the Equatorial Circumference of Earth?
[Q.] In which condition human crystalline lens becomes hazy?
[Q.] Cornea transplant in humans is almost never rejected. This is because_______?
  1. it is composed of enucleated cells
  2. it is a non living layer
  3. it has no blood supply
  4. its cells are least penetrable by bacteria
[Q.] Insulin facilitates glucose uptake in
  1. Kidney tubule
  2. Brain
  3. Red blood cells
  4. Skeletal muscle
[Q.] Who invented human blood grouping system?
[Q.] Which is the longest bone in the human body?
[Q.] Internal organs in the foetus develop at
  1. 24 weeks
  2. 7 weeks
  3. 10 weeks
  4. 12 weeks
[Q.] what is the function of retina?
[Q.] By which doctor was the first successful heart transplant in India performed?