Human Body : Questions, Quizzes, Facts and more for you

[Q.] Who is the father of anatomy?
[Q.] What is the length of stomach?
[Q.] How many teeth are there in the human body in adult life?
[Q.] Which part of the brain controls anger, fear, body temperature?
[Q.] What is the amount of blood contains in the human body?
[Q.] The retina is an outgrowth of the
  1. Mesencephalon
  2. Diencephalon
  3. Telecephalon
  4. Pons
[Q.] What is the weight of the brain?
[Q.] Atlas vertebra of man is characterised by the presence of
  1. Preceolous centrum
  2. Amphicoelous centrum
  3. Acoelous centrum
  4. Absence of centrum
[Q.] What is the brain of the cell?
[Q.] What is the percentage of calcium stored in the bones?
[Q.] What is Frenulum ?
  1. adenoid present on pharygeal wall
  2. tonsil found on lateral wall of soft palate
  3. V shaped sulus dividing tongue into pharygeal and oral parts
  4. fold attaching tongue
[Q.] Which is the common pathway in between respiratory and gastrointestinal tract?
[Q.] What is the equivalent part of penis in female body?
[Q.] What is the mixed gland of the human body?
[Q.] With how many bones the human skeletal system is composed of in adult age?