What is the name of the indigenous built artillery gun, which is to be inducted into the Indian Army?

  1. Sharang
  2. Shanook
  3. Shrirang
  4. Sainik

Answer :

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sharang artilery gun

As per the recent announcement from the Indian Army, the first batch of 18 indigenously upgraded ‘Sharang’ artillery guns are to be inducted into the Army by March 31, 2020.

About Sharang

  • Sharang is the 130mm artillery gun ‘up-gunned’ to 155mm, 45 calibre up-gunning based on the Army’s tender.
  • The gun’s range has now gone from 27km to over 36km with the upgrade.
  • It also has more explosive capability and hence and more damage potential.
  • This step will reduce the logistic trail of the Army as it does away with the need to carry 130mm shells and support equipment as the mainstay of the Army’s long range artillery is 155mm guns.

The Gun Carriage Factory (GCF) in Jabalpur had been awarded the global contract for upgrading the Sharang artillery gun, and the project was done with the help of ordnance factories, Indian Army and DRDO.

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