Q. The World’s first ever thermal battery plant is situated in which of the following Indian states?

  1. Andhra Pradesh
  2. Gujrat
  3. Tamilnadu
  4. Maharastra

Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh

The thermal battery facility,  owned by Bharat Energy Storage Technology Private Limited (BEST), was made operational in in Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh.

Total capacity of the plant is 1000MW which is expected to be upgraded to a 10GW capacity by 2025.

Thermal battery are an alternative sources of energy production which have huge application potential in electric vehicles, which many Govts including India are focusing now.

In its first phase, Bharat Energy Storage Technology Private Limited will produce batteries for telecom industries, mini/micro grids, and electric buses, that are expected to run for up to 800kms on a single charge.

Thermal battery technology, is patented in India by Dr Patrick Glynn in 2016. It hase huge advantage over Li-ion batteries due to lesser heat sensitivity, and smaller carbon footprint.

Also it is seen from test results that thermal batteries can outperform solar panels, which are expensive to maintain, and highly weather-dependent during operation.

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