• Helium is a chemical element. It is the second element found in the periodical table.
  • The atomic mass of Helium gas is 4.002602 amu.
  • There are two electrons present in Helium.
  • It is a inert gas or Noble gas. It does not react with other chemical elements easily in natural conditions.
  • Helium is the second lightest element (only Hydrogen is lighter than Helium).
  • Helium gas does not have any colour. It is odourless and does not have any taste.
  • Liquid helium is used in cryogenics.
  • The Crystal structure of Helium is of Hexagonal shape.
  • Helium-4 makes up about 23% of the universe’s ordinary matter.

Quiz Questions about Helium

 1.Who discovered helium?

Answer : French astronomer Pierre Janssen discovered Helium around the Sun as a bright yellow line.

2. Who discovered Helium on earth?

Answer : The British chemist Sir William Ramsay discovered the existence of helium on Earth in 1895.

3. What is the atomic number of Helium?

Answer : 2

4. Who is the largest supplier of Helium in the world?

Answer : USA

5. By which process you can synthesize Helium from Hydrogen?

Answer : Nuclear fusion process

6. Which Helium isotopes are stable in nature?

Answer : Helium -3 (3He) and Helium-4(4He)

7. which gas is used in balloons?

Answer : Helium


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