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Echidna, The Egg-laying mammal – What do you know about it?

Answer :

Echidna is considered as a mammal. Why?

Because Echidnas are warm-blooded animals, who produces milk for its young/babies. They also have hair on their body.

Do you know Echdinas are egg-laying mammals.

Yes. Echdinas are the only other mammals on this planet who lay eggs instead of giving birth to their babies. Duck billed platypus is the other mammal that lay eggs.

What do you call an egg laying mammal?

Monotremes. Egg-laying mammal called monotremes

The echidna is sometimes called the spiny anteater, but they aren’t even closely related to anteaters.

They Don’t Have Teeth

Instead, they use their sticky, slender, long tongue to catch their food.

They’re Named After the Greek Mother of Monsters

In Greek mythology,¬†Echidna was a half-woman, half-snake creature perceived to have qualities of both mammals and reptiles, also called the “mother of all monsters”.


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