Bhimrao Ambedkar Jayanti Quiz?

Answer :


Do you think you know a lot about Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar? Check these questions

Q – 1 ): Bhimrao Ambedkar Was Awarded A Scholarship By The Ruler Of Which Princely State, To Pursue Studies Abroad?

Answer : Baroda

Q – 2) : Bhimrao Ambedkar Was The Chairman Of Which Committee Of The Constituent Assembly?

Answer : The Drafting Committee

Q – 3) : Bhimrao Ambedkar Was One Of The Leading Figures Behind Which Pact Signed On September 24, 1932 Granting New Rights To Dalits?

Answer : Poona Pact

Q – 4) : Which Of These Is A Book Written By Bhimrao Ambedkar?

Answer : All Of These

Q – 5) : The Dr Ambedkar Stadium With A Capacity Of Around 35000, Inaugurated In 2007 And Used Mainly For Football Is In Which City?

Answer : New Delhi

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