Quizboard app is an exciting online Question and Answer community for all which aims to provide answer or solution to every question that is asked through a fun quiz format and and by doing that to revolutionize the way we learn and communicate.

Quizboard Can Change Your Life!

Whether you needed to know the answer to a question, or you’re bursting with knowledgeable answers you can’t wait to share, quizboard.app offered to change your life. It gave visiters 24/7 access to a whole world of information and millions of knowledgeable friends.

A World of Knowledge

Quizboard is much more than just a place for playing quizzes and finding things out – it’s also an online community. It allows you to make friends with other users from across the world – sharing ideas, facts and opinions with each other. Start using quizboard today and you’ll soon have the most intelligent mates on the planet and the answer to everything! We have a vision – we wanted to create a new online community for all the people out there in this world who can help each other with the use of  the power of internet and their knowledge about various things. And we wanted to make sure it was free to use. Our Vision To create the most comprehensive database of questions and answers powered by our ever-expanding global community of members. We want people to be able to ask any conceivable question and to then receive instant, accurate answers using information provided by our worldwide community. And the future? Every day, thousands of new users discover quizboard.app. We’re fast becoming the most prolific question and answer site on the Internet. And to ensure we become the biggest knowledge resource in the world, we’re continually looking at ways to make our site more exciting and engaging. We’re big on innovation – we’re always looking at ways to make Quizboard better. We’re much more flexible and expansive – we provide information about ideas and opinions as well as facts; we can answer abstract questions and solve puzzles for example. At quizboard, users can even find solutions to questions that don’t have an exact answer! Go on give it a try – someone in the world will have the information you’re after! Quizboard is a complete free service and you don’t have to pay anything for using it.

Behind the Scene(Who we are)

Quizboard.app available at https://quizboard.app and as Quizboard app in Google play store  is  envisioned, conceptualized, designed, developed and maintained by me, Ashish Mahapatra, who is the sole owner of the website and the android app. WordPress, various plugins, and codes sourced or purchased from 3rd parties have been used to develop these services.